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Barndoors for EX1800


EXBD18 is designed specifically to fit the EX1800.
Barndoors narrow and widen the beam spread of a light fixture.

- For EX1800
- Directs light
- Controls spill light
- Aluminum construction



Soft and evenly reflected light

Soft and Evenly Reflected Light

exbd18 pic
The thin fabric creates an effective soft light and the reflective material inside enhances the light.

Easy handling


EXBD18 can be done in a matter of seconds. They are just as quick and simple to use.

EXBD18 pic
  EXBD18    Packaging Info  
  Dimensions 88 x 33 x 5 cm  Box Dimensions 96.5 x 34 x 6 cm
  Weight 2,980g  Package Weight 3,520g