Feeling, Expressed in Light

FOMEX Light System with leading-edge technology


Softbox w/Frame for EX1800P


The silver interior maximizes the output and features a front diffuser to produce an even quality of light.



Soft and evenly reflected light

Creates Effective Soft Light

exsb18 pic


Fast and Simple Assembly


EXSB18 is designed with zipper on the side so that it can be assembled easily and conveniently.

exsb18 pic

exsb18 pic

exsb18 pic
EXSB18 Kit
exsb18 pic exsb18 pic exsb18 pic
Softbox with Frame
(70 x 130 cm)
Diffuser Bag
  EXSB18    Packaging Info  
  Dimensions 70 x 130 cm  Box Dimensions 67 x 24 x 5 cm
  Weight 560g  Package Weight 840g