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Exhibition ▶ NAB SHOW 2012

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 Exhibition : 2012 National Association Broadcasters SHOW (2012 NAB SHOW)
 Host : National Association Broadcasters
 When : April 16th to 19th , 2012 
 Where : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ,Convention Center C HALL

Hyundai Fomex (President Jayson k. YOO), a leading manufacturer of Photo Video equipments, attended the NAB Show (National Association for Broadcasters), held in Las Vegas Convention Center, from April 16th to 19th, 2012,  in Vegas, USA

NAB (National Association Broad casters) Show hosts different types of halls, including next generation technological hall, broadcasting equipment, contents and tema zone. NAB Show attracts over 90,000 visitors and attendances from approximately 1,600 companies. Since 1922, NAB has been hosting world’s largest exhibition, especially appealing to those major broadcasting, manufacturing, solution companies, affiliated broadcasting group and buyers. Hyundai Fomex exhibited LED light, PERI Frame Panel Reflector, Video Softbox and other photography related products.

NAB SHOW Exhibition sketch and Fomex booths

Convention center and exhibition  inside view