Feeling, Expressed in Light

FOMEX Light System with leading-edge technology


EX Panel Light


Based on Fomex's unique know-how, Fomex EX panel light provides the most stable and soft light regardless of the brightness control and enables users to get the great images in the studio and on location.

Designed with high TLCI 98 & CRI 96Ra and color temperature from Tungsten light to Daylight, DMX interface and 12-24V DC, it is compatible with various additional accessories such as barndoors(option), softbox with frame(option) and so on.

Fomex EX Panel light keeps its color temperature stable while adjusting the brightness(±100ºK). Thanks to its superior function with the high brighness and the low heat emission, it is suitable for video shooting.

By connecting directly to lighting consoles, each fixture is controlled by DMX console. LCD display indicates the color temperature, output and address. 98 Ra at color temperature of 6500k, 96 Ra at color temperature of 2700k.



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