Light Stand, Air Cushioned (h. 88~290cm)


Light Stand, Air Cushioned (F004) One of the biggest advantages with F004 light stand is its air cushion system. Light stands without cushion or spring cushion cannot fully protect your precious valuable equipments. Whereas air cushioned light stands,

Air Cushion System Circulation of air within the risers and columns produces air pressure which prevents the columns to suddenly drop and giving sudden impact to the equipments.



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Expression of the moment

With FOMEX’s years of technical know-how and dedicated service mind throughout the whole stages from design to accomplishment, Fomex, always putting an emphasize on its products’ function as well as user’s experience, launched a high standard strobe which features a convenient digital analogue U.I, safe and easy to use, able to produce stable and vivid light with a simple but stylish new look.