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 Quartz Lights 1kw (H1000)
Product Info H-1000
code : 0111010

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e-mail : info@fomex.com
Tel : +82 2 545 0004

Pro-Strobe H1000

After a long time of research in photography lighting system, Fomex light system was born on accumulated technology and know-how in photography industry.
Control system with a microprocessor module makes operation easy and produces the precise output power.
High quality components, sophisticated design and rigorous testing resulted in a product that is safe to use, durable and portable.
Fomex lighting system is specially designed and made to endure and to protect against mechanical damage.




H-Light SPEC



Name and function of panel

1. Slave sensor: Synchronize with other lighting.
2. Power ON signaling lamp
3. Hologen lamp ON signaling lamp
4. Modeling lamp control volume : It controls the brightness of modeling(halogen) lamp.
5. Power switch: It has function of turning off and on the lighting.
6. SYN’C: Socket terminal to connect the power cord.
7. Fuse box: Contain fuse





Name of each part

1. Protection cap
2. Modeling(Halogen) lamp
3. Flash tube(Xenon tube)
4. Accessory disassembling and assembling locking knob
5. Slave sensor
6. Lighting grip
7. Stand stub joint fastening bolt
8. Stand stub joint part
9. Pro fastening bolt
10. Knob for fastening
11. Control panel


* Handling Precaution

This handling precaution leads to use items in safety and precise purpose to avoid any danger or damage.

Please check the followings:

Whenever there are doubtful points in use, contact Fomex.
- Always equip a protective device(Pyrex dome, Softbox) as there is a risk of lamp explosion if you use the lamp without the protective device,
   and keep the safety distance especially when shooting portraits.
- Always put on a glove or use a dry cloth before treating the lamp since it affects your safety and life of the product if you touch the lamp with bare hands.
- Always turn off the power and let the light cool completely before moving or handling.- Install in a safety place like flat ground.
- Do not install in an unstable place or on any base smaller than the item.
- Do not use with damaged power line, plug or loose electrical outlet.
- Be sure to do ground connection.
- Do not disassemble or modify the item without instructions under qualified service technician.
- Do not put metallic materials such as chopsticks, wire & awl, etc into Air vents & AV socket.
- Do not use the products near the flammable & combustible items/materials.

* Fomex is not responsible for problems made by secondary causes or external shocks due to personal neglect.

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