2010 Asia's Top 100

[2010 Asia's Top 100] Hyundai Fomex - Studio Flash System

Seoul, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'VIP ASIA 2010 H1') – Hyundai Fomex studio flash system has been chosen as AVING's VIP ASIA 2010 – Year's Choice Product.

Fomex products have been designed emphasizing mobility and stability. Reviews praise its functionality and durability of this module-type micro-processor control system. Hyundai Fomex has been built to outlast any kind of external impact as it is made specially from Aluminum. Control system is the module-type microphone, and it is able to control and block out all the users' needs as configured as a processor's control board. The adjustment of radiation is F6 step, having 6 different levels of adjustment.

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by Reporter2 (www.aving.net)