Exhibition ▶ KOBA 2019


KOBA 2019

  • Exhibition : Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting
  • Host : KOBA
  • When : May 22 - 25, 2019
  • Where : COEX Seoul, KOREA

There were three new RollLite models at the 29th Korea International Broadcast Audio & Lighting Equipment Show held at COEX from May 22 to 25.

RollLite is a new concept of LED lighting made of innovative material called conductive fiber. It maximizes color flexibility and have a selectable color temperature range from 6500K to 2700K with TLCI 98 and CRI 96~98 guaranteed that can accurately implement subjects. It also has drawn great attention for its fast and easy installation of all-in-one grommet Butterfly, X-mount for stands or tripods, and for its unrestricted use in places where traditional panel installation was not convenient.