Fomex umbrella softbox 'PERIPARA' launch


Fomex umbrella softbox 'PERIPARA' launch

Fomex, a company specializing in lighting equipment, announced on the 8th the release of PERIPARA, a softbox compatible with various lights.

Recognized for its technology in the field of lighting equipment, Fomex designed 'Peripara', a large umbrella softbox that can control light more effectively.
Based on the new patent technology of connecting the speedring with the hinge, this product enables an easier and faster installation.

According to the company, the shape and position of the structure, the user’s tension, and the handle angle were analyzed in detail, to be ergonomically efficient.
It used premium materials such as lightweight metal and waterproof fabrics for a high-quality finish.

In addition, it will be compatible with various lighting manufacturers and will offer a wide range of options with 20 models ranging from 4 to 24 angles.
It will also introduce diffusers and honeycombs that can be conveniently applied to each product at the same time.