Fomex, P&I 2022 Seoul International Photo & Imaging Show Exhibitor


Fomex participated in the 2022 Seoul International Photo & Imaging Show (P&I 2022) held at COEX from June 15 to 18.

P&I 2022 marks its 31st anniversary this year. It was held as an event to revitalize the industry by overcoming difficulties that had been inevitable due to COVID-19. Based on the booths of each participating company, innovative exhibitions and seminars were held, ranging from photo exhibitions filled with memories to strategic approaches in the coming metaverse era, providing a venue for business content that can surpass the existing frame.


In this exhibition, Fomex presented new products, such as Peri Para and LED Lights, alongside Fomex Strobe as the representative photographic lighting in South Korea. The Fomex Strobe is a bestseller used in most studios, including Korea's leading companies and schools, placing Fomex at the industry's top. The newly introduced Peri Para is an umbrella-type softbox manufactured based on ergonomic ratios and structural angles. It boasts the speedring and hinge combination as a patented technology and is compatible with various lights. In addition, LED Lighting is the first local lighting to be recognized abroad for its technology, as it received interest for its high portability capabilities and varied line-up.