Fomex showcased technology-intensive broadcasting equipment at KOBA 2024


Fomex, a global small giant, announced that it participated in the 32nd Korea International Broadcasting, Media, Audio & Lighting Show (KOBA 2024) held at COEX from May 21st to 24th. KOBA 2024, hosted by Korea E&EX and KOBETA(Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association), focused on issues related to the domestic and overseas broadcasting industry, such as ICT and generative AI.

In line with the theme of KOBA 2024, which is a cutting-edge media exhibition, Fomex presented technology-intensive broadcast lighting. FL flexible LED, a Fomex steady seller, has been officially adopted as lighting for content production at the upcoming Paris Olympics in July, garnering intense interest from spectators and buyers.

Fomex CEO Jayson said, “Following the UEFA Euro 2020, 2022 Qatar World Cup, Fomex lighting was adopted at the 2024 Paris Olympics as well, it is a blessing for our own company and also for Korea.” He added, “With our differentiated technology, we will leap forward as a responsible company that can handle global issues together with other leading companies in Korea.”