Exhibition ▶ Fomex Participated at IBC 2017


IBC 2017

  • Exhibition : 2017 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2017)
  • Host : IBC
  • When : 15-19 September, 2017
  • Where : Amsterdam, Netherland

Fomex Participated at IBC 2017

Fomex participated in IBC 2017 which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 15th to 19th. IBC is the third largest show in the world and the largest broadcasting equipment exhibition in Europe. IBC 2017 is engaged in new trends in media and entertainment with more than 55,000 professionals from 170 countries annually. This year, a variety of products that deals with the future of media strategy in robots technology, artificial intelligence such as AR and VR have exhibited in the following of the fourth industrial economy.

The new product introduced by Fomex is RGBW LED light "Chamellite", which performs a high-brightness, high-quality light with excellent color reproduction rate. And it is a compact light that fulfill miniaturization and the strengthening of function.

In addition, 'Dr. Ray V1' attracted attention by its multi-pairing portable lighting control system optimized for movie shooting and for its wireless device with excellent reception sensitivity. Another product, ‘Rollite’, is a new concept of LED broadcasting light made out of smart textronics (textile+electronics) which performs variety of colors and has high quality of the color that overcome the limit of LED panel. In addition, it has attracted attention by its portableness and freely customizable installation.

Jayson, CEO of Fomex, said, "Lighting products should be able to cope with any demands of customers without restriction of time and place where the world start to have no boundary between virtual world and reality"

“We would try to develop innovative lighting and try our best to become the first mover of the fourth industrial revolution by applying strong know-how proven by Flexible LED.